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PT. Graha Persada Indah

No down payment and No upfront fees.

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PT. GRAHA PERSADA INDAH is a private company engaged in various fields with the aim of developing business units and community services, to manage and increase the value of existing resources and potentials, both within the community and from other stakeholders, in a professional, reliable and responsible manner.

PT. Graha Persada Indah Established since 2003, one of our business fields is residential development. The company was founded by Notarial Deed No. 50, dated June 30, 2003 by Notary Hilda Rachmawati, SH. Notary in Palu, Central Sulawesi, and received approval from the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia Number C-16436.HT.01.01.TH.2003, July 15, 2003. As a Developer, PT. Graha Persada Indah is a member of Real Estate Indonesia (REI) No. NPA-21.00047.

We care about and help people to achieve the broadest possible prosperity.

  • Providing solutions & ease of living from PT.Graha Persada Indah.
  • Aims to develop business units and services towards an independent society.
  • With our concern for human resources to achieve the highest and independent human dignity.
  • Take the initiative and always anticipate needs and challenges to face global challenges and digitalization.
  • We always provide the best and continue to develop to build strong human resources.


We want to provide home ownership for our members with different methods, as a form of our concern for the community, especially for those who have not been able to live in a decent house, so that they can live and live well and can raise human dignity and values higher. .

Rent at an affordable cost

So that you can immediately live in a decent house, in a decent environment with affordable rent.

Can be owned

Yes, we also provide an opportunity for members to be able to own a house that is inhabited with an ownership package with 20 years light installments, WITHOUT INTEREST.

No Down Payment

We understand that it is an obstacle for people to be able to own a house, we provide an easy solution for you to get a house without the need to pay a down payment.

Facilities and environment

We want people to be able to live in a comfortable, beautiful environment and with various supporting facilities so that residents can live in peace, comfort and respectability.

Why us?

Our mission is to open up a lot of new land throughout Indonesia, especially in non-urban areas, so that we can build housing that we specifically designate for the lower middle class community.

Our goal is so that people in these groups can occupy and have decent houses, as well as for equitable distribution and development of economic areas throughout Indonesia.

As an initial program that we launched, we provide convenience for our members with a rental-purchase pattern so that members can immediately occupy a house by paying an affordable monthly rental fee, and also have the opportunity to own the house they live in, with a fixed installment program for 20 years.

Low Cost

Rental fees start from IDR 700 thousand and Ownership Installments start from IDR 700 thousand (not including taxes), and you can live in immediately.

Available type

We provide 2 types of houses for you to choose. House Type 36/81 is intended for the general public, House Type 45/81 is intended specifically for families of the TNI

Application & Selection

Registration as a member for the general public, can submit an 'Application' from the member page, via the link above. Especially for families of TNI members, there is a special page for applications. We will conduct a selection of member applications, for eligibility and regional selection.

Komite Perumahan LKN
(Lembaga Kajian Nawacita)

Especially from the LKN (Lembaga Kajian Nawacita) link, please coordinate directly with Komite Peruman LKN:
Grand Wijaya Center, Blok H/41
Jl. Wijaya II, Jakarta Selatan 12160
Phone: +62-21-855-1086865

Info Perusahaan:

PT. Graha Persada Indah
Jl. Rajamoili Nomor 40, Besusu Barat
Kota Palu, Sulawesi Tengah
Tel: +62-821-8082-7788

Koordinator Wilayah

Jln. Budi Utomo no. 1, Kel. Sidakaya Kec.
Cilacap Selatan Kabupaten Cilacap.
Tel: +62-0812 3534 0045

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